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Welcome FPV Freestyle Pilots!

Do you like to rip PROXYSTYLE? Want to show off your sick AF skills? Then the PROXY WARS CONTEST is for you! The contest is hosted by TEAM RELENTLESS a crew of FPV PROXYSTYLE mad dawgs! We want to bring together like mind FPV Pilots to compete for top dawg and a pile of booty! (treasure). This will be a serious contest with a strict judging criterion. Although location and music are awesome, you will only be judged on rippin’ excellence!

Contest Details


100% of entry fee proceeds will be divided up and paid to the winners. (minus payment processing fees)

  • 1st place will get 70% of entry fees
  • 2nd place will get 20% of entry fees
  • 3rd place will get 10% of entry fees
  • Sponsors
  • Team Relentless
  • More to come!


  • Open registration and video submission to start on May 1st and end June 1st!

Enrtry Fee

  • $20 bucks (Paypal, Venmo, Credit Card)


  • Want to be on the Team? Team Relentless is offering a spot on the team to the top 3 point total winners that are not already TR members.

Contest Requirements:

  • Quad: 5" or larger prop size!
  • Video Quality: HD video quality
  • Video Length: 1:30 of uncut video (longer will not be eligible! Cuts within the 1:30 will not be eligible!)
  • Must be a proxy rip: Trees, Buildings, Playgrounds, Objects of any sort!
  • Judged: on flying excellence. Pack as many tricks, gaps and the sickest maneuvers you can in a 1:30 flow. See the judging criteria below.
cochise fpv quad

Judging Criteria:

Each category can score up to 5 points for a total of 25 points.

  • Cadance of Ripage
  • Stability / Control
  • Number of Tricks and Execution
  • Number of Gaps and Difficulty
  • Flow
Brocklee fpv player 1

May 1st - June 1st

Gold Chest

27 Pilots Entered
2022 Loot $657.87

Sign up is closed - check back soon for more information